Our Vision & Mission

Badger Mountain Mortgage was founded by two retail mortgage lenders who wanted more for their clients. With over 19 years of combined mortgage experience, we know the importance of helping our borrowers find the best rates, service and programs for their unique situation. Instead of being limited by one bank with one thought process, we wanted our clients to benefit from the flexibility of having several products and programs to choose from when making financial decisions.


We take your home ownership to the heart. Whether this is your first home, upgrade, investment property or a refinance on the home you already own and love, we will guide you through the financial wilderness to find the loan that best fits your lifestyle. When investing in real estate, knowledge is power and we want you to have all the tools to make the best decision when it comes to your mortgage needs.


Named after the Badger Mountain range in Washoe county, we are locally owned and operated mortgage company in Reno, NV. Although we live in the biggest little city, there is nothing little about the way we do business. We create bold goals to meet aggressive deadlines, and never back down from a challenge.

Our Success Stories

Our customers work with us because they believe in the value of our platform.

“I dealt with 5 different loan officers prior to finding Eric. Not only was he the most knowledgeable but he also updated me every time that there is something that needed to be done. He was friendly an personable he knew who I was he knew who my family was and he did everything to meet my needs. He made sure that everything went through with this deal so that I could walk away with my new home. I am so so grateful for what Eric did for me. Thank you.”

C. Vega

“Eric, it was truly a pleasure working with you. I have worked with many loan officers over the years and your diligence and delivery of product was amazing. And the fact that you not only worked very hard to save us over $150,000 in interest on the life of our loan, you also got the term cut by 10 years. You also managed to get our interest rate lowered by over a full point. Thank you and we will be referring anyone we know looking for a new loan or a refi to see you first!”

Donna R.

We are here to help you

Our mission is to provide genuine care in lending to our customers while taking pride in creating tailored solutions for home buyers, families and communities.

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